Mar 07, 2020 · List found of 12,000 Nazis in Argentina with money in Swiss bank The list was found in an old storage room at the former Buenos Aires Nazi headquarters, having survived the burning of documents by

And the old Swiss-Argentine-Nazi connection reaches to the present in another way. Spanish “superjudge” Baltasar Garzon is seeking to open other Swiss records on bank accounts controlled by Argentine military officers who led the so-called “Dirty War” that killed and “disappeared” tens of thousands of Argentines between 1976-83. Before the end of the 1950s, Genoud had set up Swiss bank accounts on behalf of the North African liberation armies of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. In 1958, in partnership with a Syrian--and with Hjalmar Schacht as an adviser--Genoud set up the Arab Commercial Bank in Geneva, to manage the war chest for the Algerian separatists. The Volcker Commission, which had been set up in 1996 to conduct an "investigative audit" of any dormant Swiss bank accounts that may have been held by Nazi victims, concludes its audit. The Nazis did NOT use Swiss banks! Ever! They imposed a DEATH PENALTY on anyone bringing money to Switzerland. If a Nazi official had done so, he would have been denounced as defeatist and executed on the spot.

Swiss Banks Allegedly Destroyed Records of Jews' Bank Accounts

Database of Unclaimed Swiss Bank Acoounts and Other The Austrian files include ALL assets, including possible Swiss bank accounts, as well as insurance policies and other holdings. When the Germans occupied Vienna in 1938, they required all Jewish residents to complete a detailed declaration of valuables, including bank accounts, insurance policies, real estate, art, etc. The Dirty Secrets of Swiss Banking - CBS News

As of 1 January 2015, the Swiss Banking Act, the Banking Ordinance as well as the Guidelines of the Swiss Bankers Association demand that assets of bank clients with a total value exceeding CHF 500 have to be published after having been without contact for 10 years and dormant for another 50 years, e.g. after a total of 60 years. These assets

Bank accounts which may hold it is quite possible that Hitler's foreign exchange revenues from his book and foreign exchange revenues of the Nazi party abroad are held at this Swiss bank in Swiss banks were watched closely by the German Gestapo. It was after Germans began being put to death for holding Swiss accounts that the Swiss government was even more convinced of the need for bank secrecy. In 1984, the people of Switzerland once again voted in favor of maintaining bank secrecy -- by a whopping 73 percent. Nazi Gold