Multiple input buffers. Some scanners (such as those which support "include" files) require reading from several input streams. As flex scanners do a large amount of buffering, one cannot control where the next input will be read from by simply writing a YY_INPUT which is sensitive to the scanning context.YY_INPUT is only called when the scanner reaches the end of its buffer, which may be a

Buffer Unit is not used, if the Input Features has no defined spatial reference. The Buffer tool is used to create buffered features, with each specified distance being a new invocation of the tool. The Calculate Field, Union, and Dissolve tools merge the buffered results to create rings if Dissolve Option is set to ALL. Multiple Ring Buffer—Help | Documentation Usage. The Buffer Unit parameter is ignored if the Input Features do not have a defined spatial reference.. If the Dissolve Option ALL is used, the output feature class will contain one feature for each distance specified in the Distances parameter (all buffers the same distance from the Input Features will be dissolved).. The tool creates intermediate data which is written to the location Using buffers to log data quickly - Arduino Oct 06, 2016 Tone Tips: A Crash Course on Buffers | Premier Guitar

Choosing buffers based on pK a In many experiments, we need a buffer that maintains the solution at a specific pH. We may need an acidic or a basic buffer, depending on the experiment. The Henderson-Hasselbalch equation can help us choose a buffer that has the pH we want. pH = pK a + log([conj. base]/[conj. acid])

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Buffered Multiple - Buffer 03 - Drop It / Ms_Technology Buffered Multiple - Buffer 03 - Drop It / Ms_Technology / Angularity : Yoshi, YOSHI003.