May 22, 2013 · 1. Setup Time Machine in the older iMac to start also using the new Time Capsule for backups and simply ignore the 3 years of previous data on the older Time Capsule? Thus, the new 3 TB Time Capsule would be backing up 2 iMacs. 2. Connect the older 2 TB Time Capsule directly to the older 2010 iMac i7 via wire and let it continue it's backups

Set Up Airport Time Capsule, 5 Quick ways Jan 18, 2020 wifi - Why can't I get my Time Capsule to connect to a new Your Time Capsule is not successfully connecting to the router. If possible, move the Time Capsule to the same room as the router until you've got it working properly. From within Airport Utility, check for software updates. Connect your computer to the Time Capsule with an Ethernet cable.

This worked on my time capsule running 7.7.7. In my case, I could get to the settings by going to File > Configure Other. And then entering the router's IP address and password. Then once in the setting menu, I could delete my iTunes account out of the Back to My Mac spot. Hit update, router re-started and instantly the Airport Utility could

How to Add a Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme to an Feb 25, 2014

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Accessing Time Capsule Disk with Windows 10 Jan 10, 2020 If you can't back up or restore your Mac using Time