PPTP is not supported natively by Windows Phone (at least for the Dev Preview, who knows if the final release will), nor does it seem to be possible for 3rd party Store apps to support it as Store apps can only provide SSL VPN such as those proprietary ones from vendors like Cisco and Dell (correct me if I'm wrong) – jingtao Jun 9 '14 at 2:46

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Nov 21, 2017

TIP: Once the VPN connection is successfully created, the VPN connection name appears in the list of connections and in the VPN section. To establish a Mobile Connect VPN session. In the Action Center, select the VPN to open the Settings app and connect the VPN by selecting Connect. Enter your username and password when prompted and tap OK. Windows 10 PPTP VPN setup | My Private Network | Global This page will guide you through setting up a PPTP VPN on Microsoft Windows 10. Please note that PPTP is a legacy protocol and no longer considered secure. We strongly recommend you use our OpenVPN application on Windows 10 as this provides the best balance of performance and security. Recommended Protocol for Windows […] How To Setup PPTP VPN On Windows 10 Mobile | Super VPN Jan 21, 2016