Can I use a normal sim card in a 4G router, or is this

Best CenturyLink-Compatible Modems | Jan 17, 2019 Using your own router :: Virgin Media (Cable) :: think I believe I have read somewhere that placing the Virgin router in modem mode to enable use of your own router can be an absolute disaster. Can someone enlighten me what the issues are please. I just simply want to VPN into a remote network connected to Virgin. How do I use my own router for home broadband? | Help | EE

Jan 17, 2019

Can you use a non BT router with BT broadband Go to solution. I would like to set a a netgear 2200 router as a spare in case my BT router goes wrong. I have used a similar netgear router with BT in the past with no problems however now when I try to set up the netgrear router, connection is refused. Has there been a change in policy so ony BT

Apr 03, 2017

If you have Verizon Internet and TV, it is still possible to use your own router, however you’ll have to follow some additional steps, and you will be required to keep the Verizon router. Now that you have determined what kind of connection you have, we can proceed to the next step. Quick Answer: Can You Use Any WiFi Router? - Broadband phone